What’s On

For now, Fabrik is only open during special events and exhibitions, but this availability will grow as we do. Please keep an eye on the events and exhibitions listed below for opportunities to visit and be involved.

Exhibitions @ Fabrik

Close up of an embroidered tea towel. The words "uncertainty", "physical distancing", "lock down", "stay safe stay home", "wear face masks in public", "healthcare heroes, "panic buying" and "anxiety" are stitched onto it.

19/2/21 – 14/3/21

Close up of handwritten letters. One has colourful stitiching.

19/2/21 – 14/3/21

Image with text. Image shows a landscape scene of vineyards in the Adelaide Hills. Text says "Welcome to Cards of Kindness - Adelaide Hills council library service - glad you could join us"

19/2/21 – 14/3/21

Black and white collage.

Ongoing outdoor exhibition

Events @ Fabrik

Image shows a band posing with instruments.


Past Exhibitions @ Fabrik

Image shows a close up of an artwork showing houses. Green fields are in the background.

11/12/20 – 20/12/20

Image shows artwork against a black background.

7/11/20 – 6/12/20

Image shows an artwork with two faces in an arch shape frame.

26/9/20 – 1/11/20

Artwork with green leaves and the word "lentils" in red.

26/9/20 – 1/11/20

Image with text. Image shows rainbow light. Text reads "What I Hold Dear"

1/8/20 – 31/8/20

Close up of artwork

1/8/20 – 31/8/20


15/2/20 – 15/3/20

Close up of red stitching.

9/8/19 – 1/9/19

9/8/19 – 1/9/19

9/8/19 – 1/9/19


9/8/19 – 1/9/19

Image of an Onkaparinga blanket project onto a brick wall.

3/5/19 – 25/5/19