Creative Recovery after Bushfire Workshops

Fabrik is thrilled to once again partner with Wellbeing SA to provide a program of creative activities to connect and care for our community.

As a result of many conversations with community members, a diverse program of free activities has been prepared offering a variety of opportunities to engage with the arts for wellbeing.

We’ve worked hard to craft a program that offers something for everyone. Something for those who engaged early in creative groups here and have stayed engaged, something for those who might have only taken part once or twice, as well as projects that are specifically for those who perhaps would have liked to engage in creative activities but needed to focus on rebuilding family homes that were lost. There are two projects just for this group of our community the program, creative projects that are designed to celebrate family identity and adorn the new walls of new homes in a meaningful way.

It’s evidenced that engaging in the arts can be an effective tool for recovery, providing an opportunity/activity for connection or by offering respite, as an activity to step away from traumatic events. Engaging in arts practice can provide perspective by seeing an event through a different lens and the arts is especially effective at providing opportunities to reconnect and gather together.

This Creative Recovery program is funded by Wellbeing SA’s Strengthening Community Wellbeing After Bushfires Grant Program and is exclusively for community members impacted by bushfire.

Additional partners to this program include Summit Health and CAMHS, whose qualified mental health practitioners will have a presence at some workshops to ensure a psychologically safe environment is maintained for all involved.

Scheduling is underway and activities will be added to this page as the only gateway to make bookings.

For more information about dates, what’s involved, who the workshop is for and to book your place, click the active links below:

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Image of Eye of the Storm (detail) by Evette Sunset.
Image of Eye of the Storm (detail) by Evette Sunset. Image credit Sam Oster.