Creative Recovery: After Bushfire

Comfort from creativity

Gathering in the aftermath


“Since attending Fabrik I’ve been feeling uplifted from my depression. Between you, my doctor and the food van, that’s life at the moment.”
Community Member

Within days of the fire, local artists were meeting at Fabrik, quietly making together as they processed their experience. Art teacher and artist Anne Griffiths hosted gatherings that included individuals who had lost everything to the fire, as well as community members who had evacuated their homes.

Anne also offered free art classes for children. Creating a safe place for the children, Anne’s focus was on hope for the wildlife.

Fabrik’s first formal offering was a Creative Journalling class, offered by a local counsellor, Rosie Rowland.

The connections made at this time in this group were so strong that the group continued to meet regularly throughout 2020 and 2021, with leadership evolving to be shared by other members of the group.