Creative Recovery: After Bushfire

Connecting the kids


Local primary schools focused on supporting their students’ recovery throughout 2020, and the art teachers were particularly involved in this work. Lobethal PS teacher Jane Mant collaborated with SALA Festival to host an artist in residency with Louise Flaherty, who worked with all year levels to document the botanical species growing (and destroyed) in Bushland Park and to record their memories of this area.

Louise meticulously scanned every image and created four large scale prints of the works, which were installed on Fabrik’s Main St external walls during SALA Festival. The images remain on Fabrik’s wall over one year later.

Woodside PS art teacher Anne Griffiths connected all four local primary schools in preparation for a 2021 project with llluminart called Flocking Together. Students drew their impressions of the fire, as well as local birdlife, that was submitted to llluminart for use in their projection. This artwork was also exhibited at Fabrik in an exhibition called Regenerate, that showed in December 2020.

Lobethal’s identity as the “home of Christmas” meant that the loss of Christmas decorations in the fire was felt particularly strongly by families. As Christmas drew near, Fabrik offered children’s Christmas decoration workshops as a way for families to replace what was lost.