Writing the Future Workshop with David Chapple


6:30pm – 8:30pm

Writing the Future is a workshop for penning new beginnings with a forward-facing lens.

This facilitated workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to explore the future using prompted dynamic writing exercises to speculate, imagine and create anew. Each exercise will inspire new language and ways of creating. David will use a mixture of poetry and prose techniques to encourage free creative flow.

Participants are encouraged to imagine what lies beyond the horizon and write potential narratives for fictional characters and for themselves. Providing a supported environment that is suitable for all skill levels, experimentation is encouraged along with mistakes and happy accidents.

David Chapple is a writer based in Adelaide. His began his career in film and television working for The British Film Institute and Channel 4. He went on to write for theatre and radio as well as creating works for The International Symposium of Electronic Arts and The Haywood Gallery, South Bank, London. He is currently the Writer in Residence at both the Flinders Medical Centre (Arts in Health program) and the Centre for Democracy. In 2021, David facilitated a sold-out and incredibly well received poetry workshop at Fabrik, with a focus on Happiness.

Please note:

  • The Writing The Future workshop is offered exclusively to members of our bushfire recovery community.
  • To book, contact fabrik@ahc.sa.gov.au