Hidden Treasures – Kaleidoscope Reflections of Lobethal

Date: 8/5/21

Session one: 10am – 12:15pm
Session two: 1pm – 3:15pm

Blend creativity + personal reflection, transform the way you see your world through the lens of your very own kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscopes have a magical way of interpreting and transforming the world. They make you look closely. Through their internal prisms they work on the principles of reflection, repetition and patterning, they become portals of our ponderings. Filled with our own elements of things like photographs, botanicals, fabric, glass, jewels and just stuff. They are personal, wonderful kinetic works of art.

This workshop forms a part of Fabrik’s Hidden Treasures creative community art mapping project that will result in an exhibition at Fabrik from May 19-29, as a part of the Festival Centre’s official DreamBIG Children’s Festival for 2021.

Hidden Treasures uses creativity as a positive lens to map all the good things of Lobethal, including the people, places, memories and hopes for the future.

This workshop has two interconnected parts, a wellbeing focused introduction with Kate McEwen followed by an immersive session of creativity with artist Deb Twining.

Part One includes a reflective mindfulness exercise led by wellbeing facilitator, accredited counsellor and early learning educator, Kate McEwen of Apply Within for Wellbeing. Kate will guide participants of all ages to reflect, explore and bring new perspectives to light. She’ll set the scene to create a safe space for everyone to immerse themselves in this creative and connective task. Building a kaleidoscope is a perfect analogy for personal reflection, optimism, shifting perspectives and hope. It’s a wonderful portal for looking forward while still cherishing the past.

Part Two, Adelaide Hills artist, Deb Twining of Twining Arts will facilitate the kaleidoscope making session, sharing her skills and expertise as we create these special, magical and meaningful works of art. Participants are asked to send in, images of places, people or things that they treasure, to fabrik@ahc.sa.gov.au. These images will be printed onto to transparencies to be included and encased in your unique, treasure filled kaleidoscope.

This workshop is perfect for individuals as well as families. Work together or side by side creating your very own, personalised kaleidoscopes. As this workshop includes lots of small parts, the minimum age for participants is 5 years old. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a family member or guardian.

Participants are invited to include their kaleidoscopes in the exhibition, either by permitting us to film the vision within their kaleidoscope for projection or by exhibiting the actual kaleidoscope in one of our secure display cases (to be returned after the exhibition has ended).

The Hidden Treasures project is funded under Wellbeing SA’s Strengthening Community Wellbeing After Bushfires Grant Program and is intended to continue to build and celebrate community connection, resilience, optimism and hope after the challenges faced by our community. *

Images courtesy artist Deb Twining

Image shows colourful fragments in abstract patterns.
Image shows colourful fragments in abstract patterns.