Hidden Treasures – Badges of [Self] Honour Jewellery Making workshop

Date: 13/5/21

9:15am – 2:45pm

Blend creativity + personal reflection, acknowledge your inner strength + create your own badge of honour

Participants will create a personal medal in the form of a wearable adornment using traditional and not-so-traditional jewellery making skills. No prior experience is needed.

This workshop forms a part of Fabrik’s Hidden Treasures creative community art mapping project that will result in an exhibition at Fabrik from May 19-29, as a part of the Festival Centre’s official DreamBIG Children’s Festival for 2021.

Hidden Treasures uses creativity as a positive lens to map all the good things of Lobethal, including the people, places, memories and hopes for the future. This particular workshop invites you to reflect upon and identify the goodness in you.

This workshop has two interconnected parts, a wellbeing focused introduction with Kate McEwen followed by an immersive session of creativity with artist Sue Garrard.

Part One includes (gentle) reflective activity led by wellbeing facilitator and accredited counsellor Kate McEwen of Apply Within for Wellbeing. Kate will set the scene for a safe space for participants to reflect on the experiences + challenges from the last 18 months and to find + connect with a word that is their strength, a personal attribute that makes them feel proud; the word that will adorn their badge of [self] honour.

Part Two, regional artist and eco-jeweler, Sue Garrard will facilitate a session of medal-making using some introductory jewellery making techniques + Sue’s rock-star recycling practice! Participants will be chopping and flattening a teaspoon, cutting out motifs, stamping a word that is personally significant using metal stamps and assembling the lot using a cold connection. (There will be hammering with gusto so please bring ear protection if you have sensitive hearing.) All materials and tools are provided.

This workshop is suitable for adults.

Participants are invited to include their badges in the exhibition, to be displayed in one of our secure display cases (badges to be returned after the exhibition has ended).

Simple refreshments will be provided (tea, coffee and snacks). A half hour lunch break will be scheduled. Participants will need to bring along or make plans to purchase their lunch from nearby local businesses.

The Hidden Treasures project is funded under Wellbeing SA’s Strengthening Community Wellbeing After Bushfires Grant Program and is intended to continue to build and celebrate community connection, resilience, optimism and hope after the challenges faced by our community.

*Images courtesy artist Sue Garrard

Image shows two metal medals. One says "Sassy" and one says "Careful".
Image courtesy of Sue Garrard
Image shows a hand holding a metal medal with "valour" stamped on it.
During lockdown Sue was a part of a project to make merit badges for essential workers in the community. Sue made a badge of valour for her local postie. Image courtesy Sue Garrard.
Image shows a range of metal medals with colourful ribbons.
Strength merit badges created by senior students from Lobethal Primary School with Sue during a series of short, simplified sessions at Fabrik (to be exhibited in the Hidden Treasures exhibition).